Fun facts about the Interim President

Maggie Curry

Grandfather, father, former provost – possible VEISHEA savior? We asked him a few personal questions to get to know the man currently sitting in the president’s office.

ISD: What is the last movie you saw?

Allen: We saw three movies right around the same time – it must have been rainy. That movie with the women who worked for NASA – Hidden Figures. Our daughter is an engineer … and I wondered, did I miss this in history class or did they not teach it?

ISD: What is your favorite trip or vacation you’ve taken?

Allen: We haven’t taken it yet, but for our 50th Anniversary my wife and I and our daughter’s family are going to London. My favorite trip would be Egypt. It’s a piece of the world you just don’t normally see. The history of it hits you.

ISD: If you’re eating out in Ames, where do you go?

Allen: The Café, if you can get a seat. We like Aunt Maude’s. There’s more restaurants than when we left.

ISD: Do you have pets?

Allen: We had two cats, until recently. We like pets, we just don’t have them right now.

ISD: What was your very first job?

Allen: Probably something agricultural, I grew up in a rural area outside of Indianapolis – well, now it’s part of Indianapolis. My first teaching job I taught inmates at a military base in Kansas. Had great attendance.

ISD: Which is better, Twizzlers or Red Vines? Have you had them?

Allen: No, I haven’t. Should I? What do you think?