Student Government looks to confirm a nominee for Directory of Diversity and Inclusion


Iowa State University Student Government Senate taking a placard vote during the Nov. 3 weekly meeting.

Charles Klepps

The Iowa State Student Government will look to confirm a nominee for Director of Diversity and Inclusion. The nominee will work on the Executive Cabinet. 

The primary duties of the position include focusing on diversity and inclusion efforts within the university, creating projects to highlight diversity, and working closely with the Diversity and Inclusion Committee and Finance Committee liaison. 

Alyannah Buhman, senior in criminal justice, was nominated by Student Government President Julia Campbell, senior in agricultural business, and Student Government Vice President Megan Decker, junior in agriculture and society. 

Buhman said she hopes to use her own experiences to help other students like her. 

“Being a woman of color, I understand being in a space and feeling like it was not created for me,” Buhman said. “I hope to break down some of those barriers and create a comfortable atmosphere for others.”

The Senate will also seat a voting member to the Election Commission. Some of the responsibilities of the Election Commission are to hold fair elections to ensure that all candidates are on an equal playing field and manage events such as debates or polling locations. 

Election Commissioner Ross Opie, senior in finance, has nominated Alex Almquist, sophomore in political science, for the position. Almquist must be confirmed as a voting member by the Senate. 

The Student Government will also review a bill working towards changing the Election Commission’s Violation Process. The changes would allow the Attorney General to investigate and prosecute all offenses against the student body. 

The body will review transferring money to the Iranian Students’ and Scholars’ Association (ISSA). The Norooz celebration is an event where hundreds of people come together to fundraise for the association. Therefore, the ISSA is requesting $3,500 from the Student Government. 

The Student Government will review another bill regarding funding. The Iowa State Equestrian Hunt team is requesting more funding due to growing participation and insufficient rentals. The amount requested is $3,758.40. 

The Student Government Senate meets at 6 p.m. Wednesdays in the Campanile Room at the Memorial Union.