Students explored opportunities abroad at Study Abroad fair

Some of the booths at the Study Abroad Fair. Photographed by Samantha Mori.

By Samantha Mori

Some of the booths at the Study Abroad Fair. Photographed by Samantha Mori.

Samantha Mori

Iowa State students had the opportunity to learn more about the university’s study abroad programs and scholarships at the Spring 2022 Study Abroad Fair.

Located in the South and Sun Ballrooms of the Memorial Union, the Study Abroad Fair took place from 10:30 am to 1:30 pm Thursday. The fair allowed students to explore different study abroad opportunities and scholarship options at various booths throughout the fair.

Kara Albrecht, a junior in industrial engineering, explored the fair to look for a study abroad opportunity over next spring.

“I’d really like to study abroad somewhere and I’m not sure where I want to go,” said Albrecht. “So, I think that this will give me a nice opportunity to look at a lot of different places and kinda talk to people about what’s offered there and what kinda scholarships and things there are.”

Albrecht hopes that studying abroad would let her meet people from different places and immerse herself in a different culture without having to commit to it for years.

Arann Raven, a sophomore in biology (AGLS), was at the fair to look into programs in Ireland and New Zealand.

“I’ve been thinking about doing study abroad next year,” said Raven. “I’d really like to just get out of the United States, go somewhere new, have new experiences, sort of live more so on my own for a while.”

Along with giving students the opportunity to explore their study abroad options, the fair also had information about scholarships available for students who choose to study abroad.

“This is really kind of a one-stop-shop for students to get information about study abroad,” said Ben McKelfresh, who works at the Study Abroad Center as the marketing and program coordinator. “A student can find out about different programs, but also how to fund those programs.”

McKelfresh believes that it’s important for students to be aware of study abroad opportunities because students can get a lot out of the experience.

“Something that I think students don’t always think about is what happens to them as a person and the way they think and the way they operate when they study abroad,” said McKelfresh. “… you’ll be in situations where you’ll need to make decisions for yourself and you’re away from your typical support network … You’re gaining more confidence…” 

To aid in students’ study abroad opportunities and experiences the fair had a location for students to apply for a passport located in the Cardinal Room of the Memorial Union.

For more information and to explore study abroad options, students can visit the Study Abroad Center’s website at Study Abroad Center | Iowa State University (