Satire: Iowa State’s Theatre Department puts on The Tale of Narcissus



Putting on a show to remember, the cast masterfully created a sense of panic for all attendees.

Omar Waheed

In a stunning performance for the ages, Iowa State’s Department of Theatre puts on a rendition of The Tale of Narcissus that ended after paramedics were called during the final scene.

True dedication to the role, star of the play, Dane West, who played the titular character Narcissus, played the role of Narcissus to an exact, even playing out the final scene in full. Fooling the audience with his stellar acting, those in attendance believed he drowned.

Acting out the final scene as Narcissus plunges into the water to chase his own reflection to embrace the only thing he could love, West seemingly actually drowned to complete the part, staying true to the story.

With his seemingly lifeless body lying there on stage, the curtains were drawn, the audience was left to believe that West had died. A new palpable tension in the air as audience members sat silent in awe, one attendee left to call 911.

Much to everyone’s surprise, West was there with the rest of the cast to receive a standing ovation.

“He was so dedicated to the role that he accomplished the greatest act a thespian could do, dying on stage,” a fellow cast member noted. “He’s a stellar method actor.”

Showing true admiration for West, cast members all respected his dedication to the role. With the possibility of his understudy being able to take up the role, West’s understudy showed his excitement and nervousness taking up the position.

“I thought he actually died too. I thought it was going to be my time to shine,” West’s understudy said. “How am I supposed to top that?”

Unluckily for West’s understudy, the Department of Theatre announced that there will be no additional shows for of The Tale of Narcissus after fear that they will not be able to top the performance from opening day.