When We Were Young: The newest alternative music festival on the scene


Courtesy of Stereogum

When We Were Young is a festival that is meant to take place in October but it has had a few issues in its way.

Hannah Scott

Every year, music festivals fill the scene and fans from all over flock to see their favorite artists perform live. Most people know about Coachella, Lollapalooza and Austin City Limits.

However, with alternative bands of the early to mid 2000s having a resurgence in popularity with their demographics, it seems as though companies are wanting to take this new demand and use it to their advantage.

When We Were Young is the newest festival idea to come onto the scene, featuring a lineup of 65 bands who are all a part of the alternative and grunge genre of music that was wildly popular in the 2000s. The headlining acts are artists such as My Chemical Romance, Paramore and Avril Lavigne.

Though many were originally excited for a new festival to add to their fall lineup, that changed when individuals started taking a closer look at how the festival would be set up and the time constraints that would be put on the acts.

Originally, the festival would only happen for one day, October 22nd, and this left fans worried that the situation would turn into something similar to Fyre Fest or the Astroworld tragedy. Fans noted that with the one day time limit, each band would only have about 17 to 20 minutes to perform and with the bigger acts being allotted more time, it got more complicated as individuals tried to figure it out.

Due to the time clashes that many pointed out were going to be inevitable, the festival decided to add a second day, October 23, to the lineup in order to give guests the option to have more time to see different acts.

Though there has been much controversy and worry surrounding the festival, tickets did sell out in a number of hours once they were put on sale and there is currently a waiting list for those who still want to purchase tickets.

For some, it seems that even though the festival may have gotten off to a rocky start and perhaps may even be an oddly planned event, the set list has many willing to take the plunge in order to see bands and artists who were such a pivotal part of their growing up.