Acapella club feature (Do Not Read)

Isabel Gebers

A passion for singing and a busy schedule are both characteristics of students involved in the mixed a cappella group rightly named No-Re-Choir-Ment. 

No-Re-Choir-Ment is a chance for those who love to sing, but don’t have the time to commit to a group like ISU’s choir to showcase their talents.

Courtney Luu, senior in communication studies, is the leader of the Decibelles. Luu said she and other students in No-Re-Choir-Ment, understand academics come first.

“I also really do like singing, but don’t have a lot of time for it,” Luu said. “Which is why I decided to join a club that understands academics are my number one priority but singing is still a passion that I hold that I would like to pursue when I can.”

The club was started this year by Danielle Jarosz, sophomore in communication studies, who wanted to be in an a cappella group until she realized she would have to join the choir.

“All my other friends who were in college a cappella, none of them have to be in choir,” Jarosz said. “Then I found out you have to do choir here, and I’m like I don’t have time to do choir. I’m a busy person already [and] I know a lot of other people are in that same boat. I was like I should make something that’s a cappella but you don’t have to do choir.”

Jarosz reached out to other Iowa State students using a Facebook poll to determine if anyone would be interested in joining. After seeing the results of the poll, she made a group chat and formed No-Re-Choir-Ment. Those who were interested ranged in major and many were underclassmen.

Those who joined ended up in one of three groups: One Note Stand, Decibelles or Vox Co. 

Each group has their own sound. For the Decibelles, an all female group, popular songs tend to be their pick. One Note Stand however is about the entertainment level, where the goal of the music performed is to get emotions out of the listener. Finally, Vox Co, lead by Jarosz, is a mixed ensemble that sings more out of the box music.

“I like to do different things,” said Jarosz. “The beauty of contemporary a cappella is a lot of the time you discover new music through it, and I think that’s really cool.”

Rather than sing the songs considered popular or are often sung by other a cappella groups, Jarosz picks music that isn’t well known and music written by friends.

“I went in and I found some different music,” Jarosz said. “I have some friends from home who put out some really, really good music and so I arranged some of that. And then I played with songs that most people just don’t know.”

Even though each group has their own sound, practices are at the same time for all of them. Once a week on Thursday night from 7 to 8:30 members meet to put their music together. 

For the Decibelles, making the music sound good as well as having time to catch up with one another is an important part of their practice.

“I would say our dynamic, I can speak for the Decibelles at least, [is that] we’re very goofy and funny, and we love to just mess around,” Luu said. “We’re here to have fun at the end of the day as well as prepare for future events. We always try to make time to have fun and to just talk and let out feelings out about whatever stress we’re dealing with as well as singing.”

While members in groups get the chance to socialize during practices. It’s often during karaoke events that the three groups get a chance to interact and have fun together. Karaoke events are only held during times when the club doesn’t have an event soon.

“This week we are doing a karaoke thing,” said Luu. “Just for fun and [to] relax. I think some of us are inviting friends who aren’t members just for the heck of it [and] just to have some fun. This will be our second time doing karaoke because we enjoy giving members the opportunity to broadcast their voices because it’s not something you get to do a lot.”

No-Re-Choir-Ment is an option for any student who loves to sing, but is worried about not having enough time. Auditions will be held in the spring semester on Tuesday, January 28 from 6:00 to 9:00 pm and Wednesday, January 29, from 6:00 to 9:00 pm. And looking forward to future performances, No-Re-Choir-Ment will be holding a karaoke event open to the public where anyone can come and sing, eat food, and enter a raffle.