Letter: It’s not just England or Europe

Yes, please keep London/Manchester in your thoughts. But please also realize that tragedies like this happen every day in the Middle East and parts of Africa. Thousands of people are dying, but very few people have ever changed their status to “Pray for Syria” etc…

This is because most people don’t connect with these cultures/countries the way we connect with Paris, Brussels, or London. We see pictures of these foreign cultures and it’s all too easy to simply swipe past because we think, “It could never happen to someone like me.” But when we hear of tragedies involving our European neighbors, it hits closer to home, so we give them more attention and thought.

Now, I’m not attempting to condemn anyone by pointing this out, but please think about this before you change your profile picture or status: Would you still be posting that if you didn’t connect with these victims on a cultural level? And what makes this specific event any more horrific than those that occur every other day of the year?

Just something to think about.