Queer and Trans People of Color group to host community dinner


Queer and Trans People of Color is a student organization that focuses on building an inclusive community for people of intersectional identities on Iowa State’s campus.

Logan Metzger

A group of students has taken initiative to create an inclusive space for their community on campus.

This group is a combination of Queer and Trans People of Color (QTPoC) students and they have dinners every second Friday of every month.

From 5 to 7 p.m. Friday in Sloss House will be this month’s dinner for QTPoC-identifying students.

“QTPoC stands for Queer and Trans People of Color,” according to the University of Arizona website. “QTPoC experience marginalization at the intersection of racism, ethnocentrism, xenophobia, queerphobia and transphobia. As a result, QTPoC experience high rates of homelessness, poverty, and violence.”

The University of Arizona website also explained how even though LGBTQIA+ activism was spurred by the work of poor and working class transgender women of color, today’s LGBTQIA+ movement is largely dominated by white, upper and middle-class gay and lesbian communities.

“To kick off the Fall 2019 semester, we’re supporting a safe and welcoming space for QTPoC students and staff,” according to the QTPoC facebook post for the event. “Every second Friday, join a group of QTPoC students and staff at the Sloss House for community-building with a free, catered dinner.”

Topics of discussion at these dinners may include building a resilient community, navigating the intersections of being LGBTQIA+ and PoC, getting around campus, accessing university services and community support and wellness.

“We determined that a space centering QTPoC, outside of the predominantly white environment of the larger LGBTQ+ community, was very much needed,” according to the QTPoC website. “As QTPoC, we have to navigate structural racism that our white peers do not. This shared experience is our motivation to bring the QTPoC community at ISU together for a monthly meal in an environment that centers us and the needs of our community.”

To be added to the QTPoC listserv, contact [email protected].