Hamel: Three tips to ease into Dead Week and finals


Caitlin Yamada/ Iowa State Daily

Students studying at Parks Library.

Peyton Hamel

The moment has come, ladies and gentlemen. Dead Week and finals. They are only a few days away. Am I stressing you out? Good. Feel a little guilty? Even better. Some of you have not started studying for finals and you feel worse every day because of it. Hint: maybe it is time to start.

On a more serious note, we are within the last few weeks of the 2019 fall semester. Time to buckle down and ride the bull. Some of you (alright, maybe most of you) are struggling with the motivation to study, or to do anything at all. This is the sprint at the end of the 800 meter. You had Thanksgiving break to rejuvenate, so here a few tips to get you started on your study excursions.

Tip #1: Find your momentum

Split your projects and studying into smaller sessions and goals. In the end, you will feel more achieved because you checked something off that long list of to-dos. Study for a class for at least half an hour and I promise you that you will regurgitate your information easier in a more comprehensive manner than cramming hours into the last few days before your exam.

Tip #2: Find your inspiration

Get comfortable, change your scenery or allow yourself to wander off into space. Your head space is your health space. A clear mind is a clear conscious. Want me to keep going? Location matters just as much as health care. While you might be productive at the library, you may want to consider finding inspiration in something other than an academic setting. Go near the lake, find something beautiful to stare at and listen to your banger playlist to help keep you sane throughout the rest of the semester.

Tip #3: Surround yourself with those who want you to succeed

Hop on the bandwagon, folks, we are going on a wild ride. Find a few buddies who push you to study and work, despite you hating them for it. Your comfort is not their concern at this point in time. Get desperate and have a few espresso shots if need be. (I am not supporting poor life decisions, just smart academic decisions.) Ever heard of mutualism? I help you, you help me.

Either way, you have to motivate yourself. Remind yourself of your goals and where you want to be. Are you satisfied with your results? Do you feel you are putting in the necessary amount of effort to succeed? The truth is this: you will never be in the mood and you will never feel fully motivated. Here is the realism: it has to get done anyway. You are responsible for your own progress and your results. If you do not feel you are satisfying your needs or goals, now is the time to kick finals in the shins and bat a home run. Go get you that job. Go get you that scholarship. Go get you into medical school. Go you.