Week two reflections: Dani Gehr

I used this app called Headspace this week because otherwise I’d have no idea what I was doing. I actually really enjoyed it and I almost want to keep doing it. 

At least that’s what I thought, and then I missed Thursday and Friday because of many time consuming commitments I have on those days. The days that I didn’t meditate, I did miss it. 

I’m sure there are long term effects that are seen after spending several months meditating everyday. Meditating isn’t this magic thing where you do it and it fixes your whole day. In reality, I felt good for about an hour and then I was once again absorbed with the stresses that everyone faces on a regular basis. 

I look at meditating as a relief for that time. I’m happy I got at least an hour to reflect on my life. It definitely gave me a new perspective on certain things.