Student Government to review bills tabled throughout the semester


Caitlin Yamada/Iowa State Daily

Student Government’s Vice President Vishesh Bhatia listens to student comments Sept. 18 during an open forum at the Student Government meeting.

Cassie Lehmann

At Wednesday night’s meeting, Student Government will examine funding for a variety of university organizations, review two debt contracts and look into financing many internal matters.

A variety of organizations are requesting funds from Student Government.

Student Legal Services is a legal aid office that provides free and confidential legal services for students at Iowa State. The organization is requesting $5,481.11 from the Senate Discretionary account for computers and supplies. 

Sparkle Squad is an all-inclusive cheer and dance team that includes individuals with disabilities. The squad is asking Student Government for $2021.36 to be transferred from the Excellence Fund for new uniforms, sleeves and Spanx.

Student Government has an organization debt reserve set in place to help fund clubs out of their current debt.

The Revival Club has a contract with Student Government and will need to repay Student Government according to the terms and conditions that both parties have agreed on.

The club has also been recognized to receive $9,250 at the beginning of their agreement. It will need to pay back Student Government at least $500 each semester through the fall of 2028 or until the club has met all of its financial obligations.

The Swim Club has also been acknowledged to receive a debt contract.

The club will accept $2,200 at the beginning of their agreement. It will need to pay back Student Government at least $550 each semester through the spring of 2021 or until the club has paid back all financial obligations.

Each bill will be looked at and voted upon separately during Wednesday night’s meeting.

Additionally, Student Government will seat an at-large to the Civic Engagement Committee. Sehba Faheem, senior in biological systems engineering, has expressed interest in the position and will face approval at Wednesday’s meeting. 

Previously, Student Government has recognized 10 women in STEM fields that are faculty, undergraduate and graduate students. The honorees are showcased with banners in Parks Library for International Women’s Day. 

Keeping this tradition alive, Student Government will feature five additional women with five new banners. Sen. Kaitlyn Roling will introduce a bill that requires $785.50 to be transferred from the Special Projects account to fund the new banners. 

Student Government will also look to fund streaming services for Student Government debates. Last year, the Annual Allocations the Election Commission accepted $180 for tech fees but received a quote that was $170 more than initially anticipated. 

The Election Commission is requesting $170 be transferred from the Special Projects account to fund for the additional fees. 

Additionally, Finance Director Madison Mueller and Speaker Kelsey Culbertson are looking for money to fund new laptops for themselves. Each position requires laptops that keep track of all old documents, excel tracking and bills. The bill requires $2,398 to be allotted from the Special Projects account to pay for the new devices. 

All internal funding bills will be reviewed and voted separately on at Wednesday’s meeting. 

Sen. Kaitlyn Roling, Sen. Tony Tonet, Sen. Jacob Ludwig and Sen. Lydia Greene will introduce a bill to make Iowa State a more green campus. The “Sustainable Outside Lights Are Rad (SOLAR) Act” is an idea to have solar pathway lights to lessen the carbon footprint the university is creating.

The bill will require $19,950 to be transferred from the Special Project account to install three pathway lights on central campus. The cost would include the panel, the light pole and the installation. 

The bill will be voted on by the Senate during the meeting.

Student Government will also be looking into fixing the Excellence Fund criteria. Recently, the Senate has had discretion on the wording of the amendment, specifically the phrasing on what “year to year” is inferring to.  

Sen. Matthew Klaes and Ludwig are looking to add the following requirement, as stated in the document: “[a] funding request from [the Excellence Fund] account must be for a new request or for a request that demonstrates a sufficient level of innovation to set it apart from any other previously granted request made from this account.”

The bill will be looked at and voted upon at Wednesday night’s meeting. 

For more information or to contact your senator, visit The senate meetings are open to the public at 7 p.m. Wednesdays in the Campanile Room of the Memorial Union.