Editorial: Take advantage of Dead Week and Finals Week resources


Bergan Fox/Iowa State Daily

(Left to right) Margaret Heaslip, then-sophomore in computer engineering, Kendall Haefele, then-sophomore in genetics and Stephanie Walton, then-junior in genetics pet Macy at Barks@Parks on April 29 in Parks Library. 

Editorial Board

While Iowa State offers a lot of resources throughout the year, there are even more available during Dead Week and Finals Week, especially at Parks Library.

These weeks are extremely stressful for students. While Dead Week is supposed to be more relaxing, a lot of professors move work up to get done early, making Dead Week just as stressful, if not more so, than Finals Week.

Throughout these next two weeks, more students should take advantage of the hard work the library puts in to offer as much support for Iowa State as possible without paying any extra money. 

Parks Library is now open 24/7 and will have these hours until Dec. 19 during finals week. If you really need to get work done, whether that be in a group or on your own, we are very fortunate as a school to have a place we can use whenever we want. This means the staff at the library are also working around the clock, so make sure to be extra thankful and kind to anyone working.

Barks@Parks, a popular event where therapy dogs come to the library, is also happening this week. In addition to therapy dogs, Parks offers free fruit, activities, puzzles, coloring pages and more. 

There are so many resources available that more students should take advantage of. Take time to relax or be productive. These resources are there for a reason, and a lot of time and effort goes into putting them on. So encourage your friends to take an afternoon and visit Barks@Parks and relax, or take some time to visit the Mindfulness Room.

Take advantage of the study spaces and rooms you can reserve across campus as well. It’s easy to get distracted when you are studying in your room, dorm or apartment. Studying in a different space around other people being productive will help you accomplish more and keep you to your study schedule. 

From the ISD Editorial Board, good luck on studying and on your final exams. Winter break is just around the corner.