Softball team begins Tennessee Tournament 2-0


Iowa State freshman Talyn Lewis fouls a ball while batting against Iowa Central.

Tara Larson

The Iowa State softball team went undefeated on the first day of the Tennessee State Tournament.

Iowa State (4-3) began its second tournament of the season on Friday. The Cyclones play two teams, Tennessee State (3-2) and Alabama A&M (1-5) in Nashville, Tennessee.

The Cyclones proved to be too much for the Tennessee State Tigers.

The Cyclones prevailed 11-3 over TSU on their home turf. Iowa State started out the game with an RBI triple in the first inning, scored by Talyn Lewis.

Rachel Hartman also scored a homerun in the third inning.

Iowa State was in control of the game from start to finish.

In the second game, the Cyclones kept their streak up as they faced Alabama A&M. They beat the Bulldogs 5-1.

Starting pitcher Emma Hylen had a career-high in strikeouts, ending the game with 11 total.

The team scored four runs in the second inning. Alabama A&M did not score until the sixth inning. The Cyclones scored last in the sixth inning as well.

Iowa State plays Saturday at 10:30 a.m. against Alabama A&M again, and at 1 p.m. versus Tennessee State.