Saving up for a spring break adventure? Here’s how


palm trees

Andrea Poppinga

As March quickly approaches, the more vivid sun, sand and saltwater become in the eyes of some college students. Although, it may not be friendly to every college student’s budget.

Here are some ideas on how to gather funds that are needed for Spring Break:

Doing small chores is one way to scrounge up enough money to send you on your way.

Finding someone in Ames who may need help shoveling their driveway on a regular basis or watching their kids for a bit on a Friday or Saturday night is one idea. 

Another idea is getting a job, or picking up some extra shifts at a job you already have. Picking up a few extra shifts here and there and working on weekends are a couple of ways to reach that financial goal. This gives you extra cash to get you on your way to your destination.

Depending on whether or not you’re destination is already planned, you can always stay connected to different travel websites, to find the most budget-friendly locations for your spring break travels. U.S. News suggests downloading several travel apps such as Expedia’s app called “ASAP” (A sudden amazing price). The app will help do some of the scanning to help find an affordable vacation.