Rec Services launches Insanity class


Amanda Wymore/Iowa State Daily

CY performs a downward dog with participants at the Insanity LIVE! Launch Party at East State Gym on Jan. 12.

Amanda Wymore

Five instructors led more than 200 participants in a new High Intensity Interval Workout on Thursday while Iowa State University Recreation Services hosted the Insanity Live! Launch Party at State Gym.

Insanity is a new class offered through Rec Services that includes agility training drills, cardio conditioning and strength exercises to give participants a full-body workout.

“This is new and fun, and there are always ways to bring the intensity up if that is the workout you are looking for,” said Ashley Artist, group fitness coordinator at Iowa State University. “Take the jumps higher, get the reps in quicker, make the movements bigger.”

At the launch party, five instructors from Recreation Services taught the group several varying sets to work the arms, legs and core.

“The instructors and I went to a training session specifically for Insanity,” Artist said. “They got certified in October in order to provide the best workouts, according to Insanity.”

The instructors were enthused about the new addition to Rec Services.

“I knew I wanted to teach Insanity because I want to push people past their limits,” Paige Perkins, an Insanity LIVE! instructor, said. “It’s a high-intensity and fun workout, which makes me want to help others achieve their goals.”

This is the first official launch party Rec Services has hosted for a new fitness class.

“Rec Services hosted Jam the Gym, which was a large group Zumba class held in the gym, but there has never been a launch like this for a specific fitness class,” Artist said.

About 200 participants joined in on the insanity. Bodies were simultaneously moving in accordance with instructors and the beat of the music.

“I loved the community atmosphere in the gym,” Alexis Hageman, sophomore in nutritional science, said. “Not only the instructors pushed me to work hard during each exercise, but even the people next to me helped me work harder.”

This was Hageman’s first time participating in an Insanity workout.

“This is definitely a workout for everyone,” Perkins said. “We have been trained on what progressions or regressions we can recommend to the participants in order for them to get the best workout without overdoing it.”

Perkins and Artist said the workout is one that participants of all difficulty levels can rely on.

“These workouts are in the same format every time, allowing participants to know what to expect each time they come to a class,” Artist said.

Artist said the launch party was a great success, and she has already started brainstorming ideas for the fall semester.

“[The launch party] couldn’t have gone smoother,” Artist said. “We would like to try a dancing launch party next semester to bring students together the same way Insanity did.”

Rec Services is offering Insanity LIVE! as a fitness class throughout the spring semester in both Beyer and State Gym.

Positions for fitness class instructors also have become available. Training will begin Jan. 24. For more information, email Artist at [email protected] or visit 

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