How to keep up with your New Year’s resolution

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“New year, new me” is usually said more than implemented. By following these tips, your New Year’s resolutions can actually become reality.

Pick something that will impact your life

If you can pinpoint how your resolution will have a positive change in your life, it will be significantly easier to make your resolution a lifestyle change.

Make it realistic

Large goals like “stop eating sugar” never end up working out because those goals are so difficult to achieve. Do yourself a favor and make your resolution realistic so you don’t get discouraged from making a change.

But still try to challenge yourself

Don’t make a resolution that can happen overnight. Choose real lifestyle changes that better your life on a daily basis.

Create checkpoints

Every so often, take note of your accomplishments. It is encouraging to see where you are now versus where you were when you started.

Let it be negotiable

It doesn’t have to start on New Year’s. It can start today, tomorrow or a month later. Don’t give up because you aren’t as dedicated as you planned to be. Keep going because no matter what, you are bettering yourself.