ROTC branches’ annual Moto Run

Jessica Buss

Nothing but smiles were on the faces of the ROTC branches members’ as they stretched and anticipated their annual Moto Run on what was a rainy April 22.

This annual run is known for its kind and free spirited attitude towards its friendly competition.

Moto Run, short for Motivational Run, is something all branches of the ROTC get to indulge in every semester.

The 3 mile run around the ISU campus aims to show all cadets and midshipmen the support each and every one of them deserves while serving.

While talking amongst themselves before hand friendly horseplay and laughs were present. Yet, once called to line up, things became strict.

Each ROTC branch lined up perfectly in sync with each other, following orders to begin the run.

Once they all set off onto their designated path, an officer would sound off the cadences, or chants, to the branches.

William Dardon, freshman midshipman majoring in world languages and cultures, was excited for his last Moto Run of his first year at Iowa State. One of Dardon’s favorite parts of the run is the cadence.

“They can be funny, they can be kind of serious, and we enjoy doing them and they give you kind of a boost,” Dardon said.

Connor Woxland, freshman midshipman majoring in political science, put in his input of the cadence as well for the run.

“[We’re all] trying to be the loudest out of all the three services,” Woxland said.