Feminist Friday to discuss leaving a legacy


Claire Corbin/ Iowa State Daily

Chloe Clark, assistant teaching professor English, led a packed Feminist Friday discussion on “monstering” and “othering” of women Nov. 3.

Loretta Mcgraw

As snow covers campus, the community of Ames can look forward to warmth and snacks at the Sloss House during this weeks Feminist Friday.

The conversation this week will be with Parks Library’s local librarian of the Special Collections and University Archives Rachel Seale, an outreach archivist, who will be joined by Assistant University Archivist Rachael Acheson. This week’s discussion will explain how students can leave their legacy on Iowa State.

What Acheson and Seale will be discussing includes not only how have a great experience at Iowa State and also leave a lasting impression on one of the most highly acclaimed research universities of the Midwest. This means going beyond just making a lasting impact; it means physically adding to history in the making.

Seale and Acheson, along with many others, played a special role in developing the Special Collections and University Archives, which identifies, selects, preserves, creates access to, provides reference assistance for and promotes the use of rare and unique research materials that support major research areas of Iowa State, according to the Parks Library website.

Acheson played an even more specific role in building up the student records, especially the records of those who came from historically marginalized and underserved communities. This brought to the staff’s attention a large number of areas for which the archive lacked.

“This session discusses the scarcity of records representing womxn and other marginalized communities on campus and their contributions to Iowa State and ways Special Collections and University Archives are trying to close this cultural memory gap,” Seale said.