First TEDx at Iowa State

Kendal Gast

Seven life changing speeches were delivered at the first annual TEDx Iowa State event.

The first speaker, Elizabeth, is a trained music therapist.  Her talk focused on her research with Parkinson’s disease patients. 

Alex was up next with his moving challenge that we tell stories not just at surface level, but ones deep enough to change our lives.

Corey was third, and her very detailed, succinct report of her latest efforts to establish a relevant, easy to learn system for learning languages. 

Fourth was Brad and his modified version of the service sequence.  Reflect, plan, and achieve.

Mr. Olson covered “inclusive design” for handicapped members of society.

Jake was in the home stretch and provided the audience with a new version of success:  You.

Cole Wessellman surmised the evening with an acutely personal account of healing through community.