Gift Ideas for Your Valentine

Gift Ideas for Your Valentine

No need to rack your brains for that perfect Valentine’s Day gift for that special someone. Instead of settling for the cliche chocolates and teddy bears, here are some ideas for different types of significant others.

Outdoors types:

Ryan Budding and Hayley Madland from Jax Outdoor Gear had multiple ideas for the nature-loving partner. 

“Hammocks would be great, especially a double for hanging out on Central Campus in the spring,” Madland said.

Budding recommended slacklining as another potential gift and possible Central Campus bonding activity for couples.

Other recommendations included:

-Headlamps for night hikes or camping

-Day packs for long hikes

-A thermos to keep food and drinks warm on a picnic or camping trip

-Benchmade knives

-A waterproof phone container for canoeing or kayaking adventures 

Cyclone fans:

Everyone knows someone who eats, sleeps and breathes Cyclone sports. Jacob Miller and Zack Reese from Cy’s Locker Room recommended these gifts for your Cyclone fanatic:

-Customizable t-shirts or jerseys. Some couples like to match

-ISU-themed home goods

-An ISU picture frame with a photo of you and your significant other

-ISU shot glasses or wine glasses if your partner is a drinker

-Tickets to your partner’s favorite Cyclone sport. If you’re willing to celebrate a little early, there’s a men’s basketball game on Feb. 13.

-If your significant other has a favorite player, you could go the extra mile and take a ball to a game to get it autographed.


For a playful, fun-loving partner, Rachael Gaffey and Katie Cummings from the Hallmark store recommended:

-A funny card that’s sure to make them laugh.

-A gift related to an inside joke that you both share.


Some people love to be swept off their feet for a romantic Valentine’s Day. For this, Gaffey and Cummings recommend:

-Cooking their favorite meal and having a candle-lit dinner for two at home.

-Making a thoughtful card that shows how much they mean to you.

-Give them a fresh bouquet of flowers. Roses are the standard, but incorporate their favorite flower if they have one.

-Arrange a scavenger hunt adventure leading to a gift they’ll love.

Always a safe bet:

If you’re still stumped, Gaffey and Cummings have some ideas that are always appreciated.

“Food is always acceptable,” Gaffey said.

Whether that be a dinner date, chocolate or a surprise pizza delivery to their home, food is sure to impress.

They also recommended:

-A series of themed gifts based on an interest of theirs.

-Something homemade to show that you put serious time, thought and effort into their gift.