Funding on agenda for Student Government

Zach Clemens

It will be a night of funding for Student Government at its weekly Senate meeting Wednesday night.

It is the time for the February monthly allocation of funds, and the Senate will vote on funding for a number of different student groups and organizations. There is also a bill to change the way allocations are handled.

The finance committee has experienced some confusion with monthly allocations, so it is attempting to revert to a weekly system that will clear up confusion and give enough attention to each funding bill.

A bill to fund a president’s dinner will be up for a vote. This dinner would be a chance for the leadership of student clubs and organizations to meet the new president and vice president of Student Government and voice their concerns and areas of focus for the coming year.

The G.E.N.R.E music club is requesting $1,357.97 from Student Government for a new drum kit. The group has done some fundraising to help support this cost as well.

The ISU Ski and Snowboard Club, Rodeo Club, LatinX and Circle-K all are requesting funding for various events on and off campus.

The events management club is requesting $5,000 in funding from Student Government for an event it is hosting that would bring speakers in to further the personal and professional development of the events.