Fashion hacks 101: Tricks to help save all of your ‘oops’ moments

Rebecca Haars

From getting a snag in a pair of tights on the first day of wearing them to getting foundation on the collar of a white shirt, these fashion mishaps can be avoided or fixed by a few simple tricks.

Wearing a pair of tights for the first time and getting a hole in them before the end of the day can be one of the most frustrating feelings. Two different hacks can help avoid this misfortune.

The first is a bit quicker than the second. Spraying a pair of tights with hairspray will add an extra waxy layer to the outside, preventing future holes and runs.

The second trick is for the new pair of tights that have never been worn. Place the tights under water, gently squeeze it out, then freeze the tights for several hours in a plastic bag. After several hours, remove them to defrost at room temperature. Once they have thawed and dried they will be ready to go.

Another misfortune many people encounter is uncomfortable shoes. Whether it’s heels, tennis shoes or a new pair of boots, almost every type of shoe causes irritation from not fitting correctly. A couple different types of problem-solving techniques can be used for this blister-causing issue. A fix to narrow shoes is filling two freezer bags with water, placing them into each shoe and letting it freeze for several hours. While the water freezes, it’ll gently expand the shoes. Another solution is putting on thicker socks, slipping into the pair of uncomfortable shoes and blasting them with a hot hairdryer to loosen the material, creating a better fit.

Stains of all types are easily the worst kind of problem, especially the stains that do not come out by simply putting the piece of clothing through the washer and dryer. Three common troublesome stains are deodorant, oil and makeup.

An easy way to get around those white marks from deodorant is to rub a dryer sheet on the area and watch as it slowly fades away. Oil is a trickier stain to get out.

Pour baby powder on the oil mark and let it stand overnight. This process may take a few times before the oil is removed completely. Dawn dish detergent is also helpful when it comes to removing oil from clothing. Soaking the stained item in this soap may also take a few attempts.

Liquid foundation is continuously finding its way on the collars of many shirts. Use shaving cream and a damp washcloth erase these stains.

There is no longer a need to buy a new pair of tights every week or change your shirt because of a simple deodorant mishap. These quick fixes will help prevent stressful moments, so you can go about your day as flawless as ever.