Student Government wants alcohol amnesty policy, creates events committee


ISU Student Government held their final meeting before Thanksgiving break on Nov. 18. The meeting began with an open forum.

Zach Clemens

At its weekly Senate meeting Wednesday night, Student Government discussed a resolution for an alcohol amnesty policy, as well as the possibility of creating an events committee.

Student Government discussed a resolution that calls on university administration to create a drug and alcohol amnesty policy for Iowa State. The policy would allow students who are under the influence of drugs or alcohol to be able to seek medical assistance without fear of disciplinary action from the university.

The resolution was passed with unanimous approval.

“There have been a lot of universities that have this policy,” said Sen. Conner Tillo, junior in political science. “I feel it is extremely important to put the safety of the student first.”

Student Government also discussed a bill that would create an events committee that will plan, source and execute various events and activities for ISU students. The committee will assist all student clubs and organizations with the planning, funding and implementation of its respective events.

The committee would be led by two co-chairs and originally, they were required to be event management majors.

“I have an issue with both chairs needing to be event management majors,” said Sen. Cole Staudt, senior in political science. “That will seriously hamper who can be chair.”

An amendment was unanimously approved to take the event management portion out of the bill.

Some from the Senate took issue with the creation of another committee.

“I have an issue with just creating another committee,” said Sen. Kathryn Leidahl, senior in political science. “We are not an event organization, but that’s OK.”

Staudt had questions on how funding would work and if the committee would actually be part of Student Government.

Student Government President Dan Breitbarth said the committee would be separate from Student Government with a separate adviser, but still be able to bring bills before the Senate.

“It’s just a great way to get the ball rolling to get events back on campus,” Breitbarth said.

The bill was approved by a vote of 28 to 6.

Student Government also unanimously allocated $376.92 to the ISU Global Health and AIDS Coalition for its trip to a leadership conference in Charlottesville, Va., on Feb. 26.