Chris Christie rallies support in Ames 24 hours before caucus

Republican presidential candidate Chris Chrisite speaks at a campaign rally at Prairie Moon Winery in Ames on Jan. 31.

Michaela Ramm

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie made a stop in Ames just over 24 hours before the Iowa caucus to rally last minute supporters for his presidential campaign and to encourage residents to caucus for him Monday night.

Christie spoke to a crowd of about 100 at the Prairie Moon Winery north of Ames.

Christie, who is seeking the Republican nomination for president, encouraged those attending not only to vote to for himself, but to vote for the person who would make the best Commander-In-Chief.

The governor of New Jersey stated he believed senators — like some of his competition among the Republican nominating contest — lack the experience necessary and attacked senator-turned-President Barack Obama, stating that he “has ruined this country.”

Christie touted his experience as a federal prosecutor as well as a governor, stating that he was the candidate with the necessary skills for the job.

“I’ve been tested by every challenge they can give you as a public servant, but I’m ready to make us proud again as the person who sits behind the desk at the Oval Office,” Christie said.

Christie continued, saying he was the candidate “who’s most prepared for the job.”

“I would be more than happy to be governed by your decisions if you make it that way,” he said.

The presidential hopeful also spent a portion of his speech taking shots at the other Republican candidates hoping for a victory in the Iowa caucus Monday night. Christie focused on the immigration portion of the GOP debate in Des Moines, when clips were shown of the candidates, including Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz, changing their stances throughout the years.

Christie stated that it was okay the candidates had changed their stances, but it was not that they had “lied to the public.”

“The water in D.C. overcame these poor guys,” he said. “They were twisting themselves that what you had heard you hadn’t heard and what you had seen you hadn’t seen.”

The governor also went after business mongrel Donald Trump who was noticeably absent from the GOP debate, stating that his plan to build a wall on the southern border wouldn’t work and when one looked at the details of Trump’s plan, it was “pretty scary.”

Christie didn’t save his attacks solely for the Republican candidates; he also went after Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton, stating that if he was elected, she and the Clinton family would get “nowhere near the White House.”

Christie spoke earlier in the day in Sioux City and Council Bluffs, and appeared with Iowa Gov. Terry Branstad at an event in West Des Moines later Sunday. He is planning stops in Johnston, Urbandale and Des Moines Monday, but will fly to New Hampshire to campaign instead of hosting a caucus watch party in Iowa.