Student Government to discuss funding, committee nominations

Zach Clemens

Student Government will vote to confirm a number of new senators and a new public relations chairperson, as well as a first reading of a funding bill for CySwap at its first meeting of the spring semester Wednesday night.

Student Government will vote to seat Zach Murrell, senior in mechanical engineering, and Khayree Fitten, junior in political science, to the United Residents of Off Campus committee.

The university affairs committee has two open seats that need to be filled, and nominees will be discussed by Student Government. The rules committee also has an open seat that needs to be filled.

The previous chair of the public relations committee graduated in the fall, and Senate bylaws require a new chair be nominated and selected by the second meeting of the current session. Senators will discuss nominees Wednesday.

Jordan Muell, senior in agricultural engineering, was nominated for the director of sustainability, and the Senate will vote to confirm that nomination.

A bill to fund CySwap, a Craigslist-like website for ISU students, will go through its first reading Wednesday. The funding includes the design, building and maintenance of the website by ISU ITS and would cost $20,300. The same bill was presented at the last Senate meeting of the fall, but was voted down because of the timing of the bill.