Student Government approves contract with SUB


ISU Student Government held their final meeting before Thanksgiving break on Nov. 18. The meeting began with an open forum.

Zach Clemens

Student Government discussed a new financial agreement with the Student Union Board at the weekly Senate meeting at the Memorial Union.

The contract, which was approved by the Senate with a vote of 30 to 5, is a three-year contract allocating a guaranteed $100,000.

Another $50,000 may be allocated once per year, “with intended use being the use of Hilton Coliseum and all associated costs that are incurred with this undertaking,” according to the bill.

The contract would go into effect July 1, 2016 and go until June 30, 2019.

There was concern among the senators about the possibility of the extra $50,000 for possible events being allocated by just the finance committee and not Student Government as a whole.

“The Senate has always had oversight of the finance committee,” said Finance Director Hamad Abbas.

Student Government President Dan Breitbarth expressed frustration at the issues senators had because the contract was sent out two weeks ago and he received no follow-up questions.

Sen. Cole Button, sophomore in finance, introduced a funding bill to increase campus lighting between Carver Hall and Parks Library. The proposal calls for two new light poles as well as replacing all light bulbs between Carver and the library with brighter, longer-lasting LED bulbs.

Sen. Khayree Fitten questioned if Student Government should pay additional funds to make a campus safer when tuition — particularly out-of-state tuition — is already being paid for issues like this.

”I’ve talked to many students about this and they are very excited and want this to happen,” said Sen. Emily Tosoni.

Sen. Danielle Nygard pointed out that the current bulbs will be replaced with LED bulbs regardless and it would be smarter to add more light poles than replace bulbs.

Vice Speaker of the Senate Michael Snook agreed.

“I don’t think it makes a lot of sense spending $5,000 replacing light bulbs,” Snook said. “I think this shouldn’t be a funding bill, but a resolution calling on university administration to fund this.”

Fitten called to table the bill to find a different route to get funding for the project. The bill was tabled by a vote of 22 to 16.

The Senate approved a number of funding allocations Wednesday night. Cyswap, a website that would allow students to buy and sell items, was approved to be developed by Iowa State’s ITS.

The ISU Trap and Skeet Club, the Iowa State Women’s Basketball Club and the quiz bowl all received funding for various events.

Sen. Fabian Campbell and Sen. Maria Archevald were nominated and approved to become members of the diversity committee of Student Government.

The Senate discussed the Affordable Education in Iowa resolution, which would request $8.2 million in funding from the Iowa Legislature. This was passed with a vote of 32 to 3.