Guest Column: China has influence all around the world


Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Guest columnist Ling Man Tsang argues the recent violence breaking out in China affects other countries, not just its own.

Ling Man Tsang

Hitherto, there has been no sign of cessation of the turmoil in Hong Kong since one million people took to the street against the extradition bill followed by two million people asking the government for the five demands, in which no anti-Beijing slogans were shouted.

Instead of actively facing the public, the city became police-governed for five months.

Allegedly, the police force from China is mixed with the Hong Kong police and even disguised as protesters to trash public facilities, such as traffic lights and the subway trains and blocked roads with barricades and fences.

Thus, these provide the government with a pretext to impose the anti-mask law. Teenagers are arrested by police who have no police identities, resulting in no way to set up charges against these unidentified policemen.

Being backed up by Beijing, these policemen arbitrarily attack journalists covering news on the spot with batons, tear gas, pepper spray, rubber bullets and bean bag rounds. A female Indonesia journalist was shot with a bean bag round in her right eye while reporting news in a flyover, leading to her eyesight almost being lost.

Teenagers are arrested in order to meet the quota of, say, three hundred a day. Some of them were found floating on the Hong Kong waters. Some were being thrown from the top of a building and some were being evaporated without any trace when their parents reported their missing.

The police even criticized Chief Secretary for Administration Matthew Cheung Kin-chung for his statement against the police force. Even Chief Executive Carrie Lam said the police power was constrained while dispersing protesters and crowd.

Oligarchy is always in favor of the police press conference. Violence from the police is inevitable; even their supervisors attempted to stop them marching into commercial podia as well as private residential premises, for which there are two reasons: firstly, realizing that their days are numbered once the turmoil is settled followed by independent investigation of the police behavior during these months. Their salary reaches up to six-digit dollars, an attractive amount from overtime work.

By the time of the dissolution of the police force, they will have become millionaires; secondly, their escalating violence is to help China to consume the unwanted or expired tear gas and pepper spray.

On the other hand, the Beijing diplomas have been attempting to influence the U.S. senators to adjourn the Hong Kong human rights bill in order to gain space and time as China is now suffocated by the U.S.-Sino Trade War.

There is also a question raised up by Beijing: ”There are 1.3 billion people under our domination, why the youngsters in Hong Kong are so repulsive?” 

In fact, many of these youngsters or their parents are brought up in the mainland and they deeply understand what “one country, two systems” meant to them.

In all the government press conferences, these youngsters are defined as rioters or mobs, but when discussing with the people of Hong Kong, they agree that the youngsters’ deeds are destructive but the Hong Kong communist policemen are terrorists.

Hong Kong had been one of the best living cities in the world but all good things such as culture, legal system and education incline to the favor of communism. Besides selling soya beans to China, we need to be aware that at the same time, China’s influence is around all corners.