Spring into the semester


One way to get ready for the new semester is to get a planner organized.

Rebecca Haars

Escaping the binge-watching, countless naps and endless snacks routine can be rough for many students returning to college after winter break.

One of the first things any student should do before he or she starts a new semester is to review the previous one. Look at which classes were weak areas that might need some extra focus this upcoming semester. Also look at classes that were strong points and can be completed in a breeze. Set goals for this semester that are achievable based on last semester’s grades to encourage raising the bar a little higher.

Remembering where and when to be somewhere is a struggle for the chaotic life of a student. Investing in a daily planner is always a good idea. Being able to write down when something needs to be done — appointments, tests, work, etc. — makes life easier when it comes to planning other events.

Start an organized day the right way by eating breakfast. Breakfast is essential when preparing for morning classes. While it may be hard to find time some mornings, make it a priority to go grocery shopping to buy some simple, easy breakfast foods. Some options can include a box of granola bars and bundle of bananas.

Make sure to not forget anything along the way by using sticky notes. Say goodbye to the hectic and forgetful student college life and hello to this helpful reminder of a friend. Jot down little notes for anything from laundry (on your dresser or closet) to your professor’s office hours (in your planner or binder), so important info will be right at your fingertips.

While planners and sticky notes may come in handy for keeping a schedule straight, students do not always remember what was taught in class. Finding a study buddy is a very important part to the beginning of this semester. However, remember to take studying one day at a time. Doing a little bit of studying each day will make the night before the test a lot less stressful.

While getting back into the habit of class is important, don’t forget about relaxing and free time. Everyone needs a break every once in awhile. Thankfully, many activities are available on campus that do not require homework. Students can go to State Gym, Cyclone Cinema, Work Space or even join a new club or intramural sport.