Pamela Anthony celebrates last night on campus


Dean of Students Pamela Anthony, poses for a picture in her office at the Student Services building Feb. 13, 2013.

Alex Connor

Pamela Anthony, outgoing dean of students, is known by many as someone who is adventurous, always there for others and a woman with style.

To her closest friends, family and fellow staff, however, she is much more.

At her reception ceremony Tuesday afternoon in the Sun Room of the Memorial Union, Anthony, adorned in a bright green jacket and a big smile, sat in front of the podium as the people she has met at Iowa State these past four years got to say their final goodbye.

Anthony will move on to become the vice president for Student Affairs at Southern Methodist University in Dallas.

President Steven Leath began the reception with a few words describing his reaction to Anthony announcing her departure.

“When Pamela told me she was leaving, I gave her kind of the best compliment I could and I told her how disappointed her boss was that she was leaving,” Leath said. “I told her she should think about that, because when your boss is sad that you’re going, that’s a good thing.”

Leath went on to say that he believes that Anthony’s ceiling is higher and that her future is bright.

Dawn Bratsch-Prince, associate provost of world languages and cultures, then went on to discuss her first meeting with Anthony.

“It was seven o’clock in the morning and you [Anthony] were bright eyed and fashionable,” Bratsch-Prince said.

Bratsch-Prince also touched on some of Anthony’s accomplishments while dean such as charting a refocused mission of the women’s center, training academic leaders and department chairs and enhancing student safety.

Tom Hill, former vice president for Student Affairs, then spoke about Anthony’s dedication and commitment to her work.

“Whenever you take a job, you’re supposed to leave it better than you find it,” Hill said, referring to what Anthony has done during the past four years. “Student Affairs is a 24/7 and 365-day commitment, and no one understands better than those of you in the Dean of Students Office.”

Hill ended by saying that Southern Methodist was very lucky to have Anthony because of her charisma, dedication and passion.

Hillary Kletscher, former Student Government president, and Chrishelda Green, senior in child, adult and family services, then touched on the impact Anthony left on them.

Speaking about Anthony’s availability, Kletscher focused on the moment that defined their relationship and impact.

“She was my person I could call at anytime and she would be there to offer me advice,” Kletscher said. “Those moments mattered and those moments changed people’s lives.”

Green described Anthony as the aunt who hugs her just tight enough to squeeze out her fears. She also said that because of Anthony, she also aspires to be an eventual dean of students.

“Whoever it is has some big, pretty extensive and fashionable heels to fill,” Green said, referring to the next dean of students.

Anthony ended the reception with a few words.

Mentioning that her job would sometimes be lonely, she said, “You do it because you believe that’s what you’ve been called to do.”

After speaking about her initial reaction to campus, of which she remembers commenting on all of the students lying on the grass on Central Campus, Anthony said, “To be honest, I didn’t know what I was getting into.”

Anthony then said thank you to everyone she met on campus.

“I will always, always, cherish my time here,” Anthony said.