The Score delivers high energy performance at the M-Shop


Caitlin Yamada/ Iowa State Daily

The indie-pop, alternative rock duo The Score performed at the Maintenance Shop as part of their Run Like a Rebel Tour Nov. 13. With high energy and interaction with the crowd, The Score played hits such as “Born For This,” “Higher” and “Unstoppable.”

Paige Kruse

The indie-pop, alternative rock duo The Score performed at the Maintenance Shop as part of their Run Like a Rebel Tour Wednesday.

The show in Ames began with special guests The Unlikely Candidates and The Orphan The Poet. The Orphan The Poet’s 30 minute set consisted of several hits like “Money,” “Terrible Things” and “All Messed Up.” The final opener, The Unlikely Candidates, performed hit singles “Oh My Dear Lord” and “Your Love Could Start a War.” Their newly released single “Novocaine” is quickly gaining popularity, which was obvious to a crowd full of excitement and cheerfulness.

There were many anxious fans waiting for The Score to take the stage. As the strobe lights were soaring across the room with fans screaming, the band began their intro with bass guitars and drums. There was an intense, hyped vibe coming from all corners of the audience. Finally, the duo took the stage singing their first song, “In My Bones.” 

From hits “Born For This” to “Higher,” the duo created an awesome energy for the audience. Everyone was seen dancing, jumping up and down and screaming. The dance breaks were the absolute peak of their show. However, the audience was most excited for their single “Unstoppable.” Fans were immensely screaming, crying from joy, and recording the song on their phones. 

Their hit “Unstoppable” is featured across many different media channels and platforms. The song has been featured in the 2017 film “Power Rangers.” It was also used as a theme song for the World Series of Poker and for the YouTube channel Dude Perfect. In an advertisement campaign with Jeep Grand Cherokee, the duo was seen all over social media and TV commercials. Following their many promotions, the band’s song has become a world renowned phenomenon. 

The audience can always anticipate a high energy show where everyone will lose their voice in the midst of all the excitement. The band was very interactive and engaged with the crowd, creating many intimate moments for the fans. 

The band closed their show with their top hit “Legend.” With more than 30 million streams and downloads, the song has become an icon for sports events. The single also reached the Top 40 of the Billboard Rock Songs chart. The crowd absolutely lost all cool and took everything in from this song. The show ended with an edgy, rock, melodic outro. 

Eddie Anthony and Edan Dover of The Score talked about their favorite things as performers and the impact it has on them as artists. 

“Being able to bring happiness to a large group of people and personally release energy while having fun is wild,” the duo said. 

They said their proudest achievement as a band is the growth in the past few years of touring. They have been able to travel and see people sing along to songs from all over the United States to places in Europe, Russia and even China.