Timothy Gartin’s race for Ames City Council


Courtesy of Tim Gartin

Timothy Gartin represents Ward 2 of Ames.

Noelle Riemer

Timothy Gartin has been on the Ames City Council for the last six years and is running for what he said will be his final term.

After six years, Gartin said it would be good to have some fresh energy and exercise limits in the City Council Chambers.

Before running for the Council, Gartin ran for Iowa Senate in 2010, but lost to incumbent Herman Quirmbach (D) by six percent of the vote.

Gartin said he identifies as neither Democratic nor Republican now. He said he is proud of what the Council has accomplished in his last term and is looking forward to what comes next.

Gartin is now running for reelection to represent Ward 2.

“You would be hard-pressed to [find a] city council that gets along better than we do,” Gartin said. “We know how to disagree without being disagreeable.”

Councilmen must often work together in order to solve problems that impact the local community on a daily basis.

“You don’t have the luxury of being a single-issue person,” Gartin said.

Gartin’s goals include improving the community by working together with the Council.

“We make sure we have an awesome library, hospital and roads,” Gartin said.

Gartin said local elections are important, and he hopes to encourage young voters to vote in local elections throughout Ames.

“City government has a lot more to do with your life than federal or state does,” Gartin said.

A big focus of Gartin’s platform is making Ames a place where people settle and get jobs after graduation.

“I am here to tell you we have added 8,400 jobs in the last 10 years,” Gartin said.

Before being on the Council, Gartin said he has always taken part in local politics.

“I did vote,” Gartin said. “I tried to follow the City Council and school board matters.”

Gartin is also a current member of the Ames chapter of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP).

“I am very active in our NAACP chapter,” Gartin said. “I love this group. I am usually the one Caucasian.”

Gartin said he is making it a goal to make Ames a more inclusive place where people can feel welcome.