Kiss old makeup goodbye


From mascara to foundation, makeup has a variety of life spans. The longer it is kept, the more likely it is to increase bacteria present. 

Rebecca Haars

While deciding when food has expired is a simple task, figuring out how long makeup lasts is a whole different story. Many students don’t realize that makeup can go bad. They become attached to their makeup, and until it’s gone, it doesn’t get thrown away. In reality, different makeup can go bad anytime between two months and two years.

Mascara: two to three months

Mascara getting clumpy or developing a funky smell are signs that the time has come to invest in a new one. You can make mascara last longer by not sharing it with friends and not pumping the mascara to try and get more on the brush. Sharing mascara with friends adds bacteria to it faster, while pumping it only forces more air inside the tube, causing the mascara to dry out faster.

Lipstick and lip gloss: one to two years

Dry lipstick and extra sticky lip gloss indicate that throwing them away is past due. Wiping the top of lipstick to prevent bacteria growth will make it last longer. Try to keep lipstick and lip gloss out of hot and humid areas. The extra moisture causes the pigments to break down. The fridge provides a great place to keep these products during humid months.

Liquid foundation and concealer: six to 12 months

As the color begins to lighten and the layers start to separate, consider throwing out the liquid foundation or concealer. Applying the liquid with a sponge instead of fingers will prevent any oils from being added to the makeup. Another way to help make it last longer is keeping it out of the sun. The ultraviolet rays destroy preservatives, which will make products spoil faster.

Powder, eye shadow and blush: two years

Expired powders will become dry and flaky. Cleaning this type of makeup is not an option, so invest in a cosmetic sanitizer for a longer shelf life. Makeup brushes carry bacteria and create a greater chance of breakouts when they aren’t cleaned on a regular basis. Cleaning these applicators can positively impact how long the powder lasts.

Whether the makeup cost a fortune or was super cheap, everyone benefits from longer-lasting makeup. However, using old and outdated makeup isn’t smart. While some makeup can be quite pricy, it’s better to replace it when it gets old instead of wasting time using makeup that isn’t doing what it’s supposed to and likely causing more frequent breakouts.