Ames City Council to hear annual humans relations commission reports, confirm police advisory appointees


By Luca Neuschaefer-Rube, [email protected]

Observers listen attentively and interact with Ames City Council members Tim Gartin and Bronwyn Beatty-Hansen.

Amber Mohmand

The Ames Humans Relations Commission (AHRC) will present its annual report to the City Council Tuesday evening. 

The commission is to study discrimination in Ames and “work to minimize or eliminate it, promote goodwill among various racial, religious and ethnic groups in the city and cooperate with other organizations to develop programs designed to eliminate racial, religious, cultural and intergroup tensions,” according to city documents. 

Its presentation will consist of highlights, including awards community members received, workshops and presentations given throughout 2021. The commission will also analyze the AHRC’s complaints to the Iowa Civil Rights Commission. 

In 2020, 36 complaints were made to the Iowa Civil Rights Commission. According to city documents, the main areas of complaints fell into employment, public accommodation, education and housing. Last year, 27 complaints were made to the Iowa Civil Rights Commission — falling to the same main areas as 2020. 

City documents noted these changes between 2020 and 2021: 

  • 25 percent decrease in complaints overall.

  • Employment remains the largest area with 18 complaints.

  • Public Accommodation complaints decreased from seven to two complaints.

  • Housing complaints increased from one to six complaints.

In addition to the joint meeting with the AHRC, the Ames City Council will vote to confirm the appointment of members to the Ames Resident Police Advisory Committee. 

The Council voted to create this committee in September 2021, and it’s intended to advise the police chief on the handling of complaints made against officers, including harassment, excessive force and discrimination. 

“We’re able to consider creating this committee from, what I feel, is a position of strength… This isn’t coming from crisis, it’s coming from continuous improvement, and I think that’s really to be celebrated,” then-Ward 3 Rep. David Martin said in September. 

The following are nominated by Ames Mayor John Haila to serve on the police advisory committee

One (1) year term (through March 31, 2023) – eligible for reappointment for up to two (2) more 3-year terms

  • Roberto Dubiel

  • Emily Rebollozo

Two (2) year term (through March 31, 2024) – eligible for reappointment for up to two (2) more 3-year terms

  • Virginia Speight

  • Chunhui Xiang

  • William Arce

Three (3) year term (through March 31, 2025) – eligible for reappointment for up to one (1) more 3-year term

  • Edna Clinton

  • Tim Rasmussen

The meeting will take place at 6 p.m. Tuesday at Ames City Hall. The entire agenda with supplemental documents can be found on the city of Ames website. A live stream of the meeting is available on YouTube and the city of Ames website