Letter: Pay attention to earth

I want to walk the earth with no mask. I want to breathe easy. I want my kids to enjoy those privileges already being deprived of some.

I saw the benefits of fighting for your beliefs at a young age. Younger than 12, I was active in the community to remove the radioactive waste that was placed in my neighborhood.

Rare Superfund sites have since been removed. Years, many negotiations and help from the community were contributed because they care about their planet. If we would have done nothing, if I wouldn’t have passed out fliers, went door-to-door to raise awareness, wrote to Congress our concerns, then my home would sit next to the Shattuck Superfund site containing radioactive waste in the heart of Denver, Colo., one block from the Platte River.

I have seen what our voice can do, I believe we all can make a difference if we really try.

Save Mother Earth.