Company behind Keystone pipeline asks for review to be halted


Iowa State Daily

The Keystone pipeline currently runs through eastern North and South Dakota and Nebraska and brings oil to refineries in Illinois and Texas.

Alex Hanson

The company responsible for building the Keystone XL pipeline has asked the U.S. State Department to halt its review of the project.

TransCanada Corporation asked for the review to be halted while the state of Nebraska approves the pipeline through the state, USA TODAY reported Tuesday.

“We are asking [the State Department] to pause its review of Keystone XL based on the fact that we have applied to the Nebraska Public Service Commission for approval of its preferred route in the state,” said TransCanada President and CEO Russ Girling in a statement.

President Obama was expected to decide on the application before he leaves office. Obama vetoed a bill in February passed by Congress that would have approved the pipeline.

Keystone has also been a hot issue in presidential politics, with former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton coming out against the pipeline during an Iowa campaign stop over the summer. Most Republican candidates support of the plan.