Free-speech zones, funding on agenda for Student Government

Zach Clemens

Student Government will vote on a resolution to expand the free-speech zones on campus, as well as funding for a number of different student organizations and clubs at its weekly meeting Wednesday night.

The current free-speech zones are west of the Hub and on the south Campanile lawn. The proposal would expand the zone to include the entire grassy area of Central Campus, north of the Campanile. 

The grassy area would only be eligible for organizations connected to Iowa State to hold demonstrations or protests. The organizations would also not be able to be within 100 feet of any building or impede foot traffic in any way.

There will be a number of funding bills up for Student Government approval. Colleges Against Cancer is hosting a Relay For Life event in April and has requested $1,184.80 in funding from Student Government for the event.

Cuffs is requesting $1,080.62 in funding to attend a leather leadership conference in Atlanta in March.

The ISU Golf Club has advanced to a national tournament in San Antonio this weekend that they need help funding. They are requesting $2,273.30 from Student Government.

Student Government will also vote to allocate $490 to the Airsoft Club for an event in Missouri this weekend.

The Election Commission for Student Government has requested $6,000 to carry out elections that will be take place in the spring semester.

Resolutions will be read that include recommendations for the international student tuition increase, as well as an umbrella check-out program.