Women of Iowa State share leadership experience

Mengwei Xue

Women gathered in the Memorial Union Saturday to grow in their leadership ability for the sixth annual Women’s Leadership Retreat.

The theme this year is to “Encourage, Empower and Engage” female ISU students in their role of leadership.

As the keynote speaker, Pamela Anthony, dean of students, delivered a speech about encouraging women to reach their full potential in leadership.

Tammy Stegman, career services director for College of Human Sciences, talked about making connections and networking for success.

There were four different presentations during the breakout sessions. Kathleen Hunt, assistant professor from agricultural education and studies, and Virginia Hanson, lecturer in agricultural education and studies gave a presentation about effective communication and empowered leadership.

Susan Lamont, distinguished professor in animal science, introduced ways to help oneself and others to grow. Lorraine Acker, director of the Margaret Sloss Women’s Center, talked about racial diversity and leadership roles. Julia Lapham, graduate assistant of the student activity center, provided a chance for attendees to discuss ways to create meaningful confidence.

During the last phase, Kamden Badger, sophomore in Biology and member from the leadership team, talked about how people can engage with what they learn today in the future.

“We want women to understand that they have a huge role in leadership, and they can hold bigger roles in leadership,” Badger said. “It is lots about empowering women and helping them engage in more leadership opportunities and learn about other women and how they have succeed in their leadership roles also.”

Kelsey Grote, graduate student working in the student activity center, specific in leadership programs, as well as the adviser of the leadership team, said the main goal of this retreat is “giving a student an opportunity to be a leader or showing that they can be a leader.”

“If you are interested in something, there’s always something for everyone,” Grote said.

Everyone was welcomed in the retreat.

“We have a variety of attendees of students, some have leadership experience and they are looking for the next level, and some have minimal leadership experiences, and they are looking for ways to get more involved and to develop their leadership style,” said Som Mongtin, assistant director of Margaret Sloss Women’s Center.

“I learned how to motivate people,” said Valeria Silva, freshman in business and management. “I would encourage more women to come because it is a great experience.”

Mikolina Lowe, senior in microbiology, who has had leadership experiences before as a WISE (Women in Science and Engineering) Ambassador, found the retreat very beneficial.

“The networking session that we had can really help and I can apply all the things to when I go to another career fair or have any interviews,” Lowe said.

The retreat is a collaboration with student activity center partners, Margaret Sloss Women’s Center, Leadership and Service Center and the Carrie Chapman Catt Center for Women and Politics.