Carstens: Android’s products outsmart Apple

Courtney Carstens

Apple or Android?

This has been a long-standing debate that has plagued the technology world since Android came on the scene in 2008. This newer system has been a major competitor with the well-known Apple brand since its early days, and some people such as myself argue that Android beats Apple in multiple aspects.

With Android’s ready-to-use and more wallet-friendly ways, I believe these devices offer the best option for any consumer — young or old — when looking for a new piece of technology.

The Android and Apple systems have been put through 12 different performance tests by CNN Money in an attempt to put this argument to rest. Not surprisingly, Android won eight out of those 12 tests. According to the tests, Android performed particularly well in the use of apps, checking time, the type or font on the phone, the notifications display, the contact display and checking email.

Android is easily the more wallet-friendly choice, especially for college students such as myself, who are pinching every penny we can. When you buy an iPhone, you buy the certain amount of storage paired with the phone. As the amount of storage increases, so does the price. Jillian D’Onfro of Business Insider said Android makes it easier to either transfer or buy more storage because most Androids have a microSD card slot. This keeps users from having to delete older content or spring for a new phone when the storage starts to run out.

Like many college students, I love my music, and Android allows users to buy their music from multiple platforms, which can’t be said for Apple products. Users of the iOS system are required to use iTunes, which again, almost ensures users are going to spend additional money. While iTunes usually has the latest hits right away, it is very restrictive to only be able to get music through this medium. I enjoy being able to pluck my music from whichever platform I choose.

Durability is another main reason why Android is the best smartphone brand. Without a case, I have dropped my Samsung Galaxy s5 multiple times and I have yet to get a single scratch on the phone. Meanwhile, my brother, who had an iPhone 4s, dropped it once, and the screen shattered into a million pieces. He had to tape the screen with clear duct tape so he wouldn’t get cut. 

While many people may argue that you should buy a phone case and screen protector, you should be able to rely on the creators of your phone to make it sturdy enough for everyday use, without the purchase of a $50 phone case. We’re human, sometimes gravity wins, and we drop our phone.

While Apple may be the more popular brand name to enter the game of technology, Android is the smarter, more cost-efficient way to go. Apple’s flaws overshadow its logo popularity, making it the most expensive, fragile piece of fruit you will ever buy.