Student Government to discuss election bylaws

Zach Clemens

Student Government will vote to amend the bylaws that govern elections on campus Wednesday.

Student Government plans to change rules to make them work more efficiently, and these proposed changes will be to make the elections in the spring semester to run more smoothly.

The election commission is proposing a change in the number of members. The change will be from the current number of 10 members to no less than eight but no more than 12. 

If the changes are approved, the election commissioner would now be responsible for all investigations into violations of election laws as well as gathering evidence and presenting a case.

The vice election commissioner previously had that responsibility, but that position, if the changes are approved, would now have the duty of all marketing and promotion of the campus elections. This would go beyond just working with the public relations committee and would include compiling budgets for all expenses as well.

Student Government will also read a resolution to make the Campustown constituency into an off-campus sub-constituency. This would allow a student interested in Student Government, and who lives in Campustown, to still serve, but the student would be part of the United Residents of Off-Campus when there is no vacancies with Campustown representatives.