Candidates running for positions on the Ames City Council

Isd Local Politics Staff

Below is information about the five candidates running for the Ames City Council. Three candidates are running to represent Ward 4, one is running to represent Ward 2 and one is running to be an at-large.

Rachel Junck – Ward 4

  • Plans to make Ames carbon-neutral and to lower waste production
  • Campaign focuses on investing in Ames’ housing market
  • Wants to make Ames a place where young people will want to stay after graduation

Chris Nelson – Ward 4

  • Plans to finish Ames 2040 plan
  • Plans to create greenhouse gas inventory using data to develop a greenhouse gases income plan 
  • Wants to encourage young voters at the university level

Joe Van Erdewyk – Ward 4

  • Plans to create a tight-knit community focused on realities of housing for students, families and single adults
  • “So when I am a Council member, that is exactly where my policies will always start — talking with residents, knowing what’s on their mind,” Van Erdewyk said.
  • Campaign focuses on the affordable housing crisis in Ames

Tim Gartin – Ward 2

  • Has goals to improve community by working together with the Council
  • Wants to encourage young voters to vote in local elections throughout Ames
  • Wants to make Ames a place where people settle and get big jobs after graduation

Bronwyn Beatty-Hansen – at-large

  • “My goals in my next term would be to continue to lead Ames to be both a cooler and more inclusive city,” Beatty-Hansen said.
  • Focuses on affordable housing and transportation
  • While at Iowa State, Beatty-Hansen was the president of the LGBTA Alliance (now known as The Pride Alliance) and a member of Student Government.