Ben Carson speaks at Alpha Gamma Rho

Presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson speaks with supporters after speaking at an event at Alpha Gamma Rho Saturday morning. Carson, who recently took lead in the polls, spoke about his stance on key issues regarding his presidential campaign, as well as his reasons for running for president. 

Kaleb Snyder

Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson was in Ames Saturday to speak to Iowa State students and Ames residents.

Carson was hosted by Alpha Gamma Rho and its members, an agriculture based fraternity at Iowa State.

Casey’s breakfast pizza was served at the event, and Carson’s wife, Candy, sang the national anthem for the attendees. The speech was given on the lawn of the fraternity, on a “not too cold” morning in Ames, according to Carson.

Carson said that there was a lot more to know in regards to his views and values than what Americans see on television. He says television gives a small scope into his and other candidates’ lives, and creates perceptions and sometimes misperceptions.

He stressed how important it was to educate yourself and determine your own conclusions, rather than rely on the media and television to form your beliefs.

Much of Carson’s rally was in regard to the national debt crisis he says the country faces. He said that it was immoral for a country to pass its debt onto the next generation, and it needs to be a major focus going forward.

Carson referenced Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders’ plan of free college tuition, and mentioned that while that would be nice in theory, is not currently feasible as a result of America’s national debt.

He said he also fears for a depression that would compare with the depression of 1929, and with the possibility of being even more drastic. He said it is imperative America faces the debt crisis now before the effects are irreversible.

Carson also spoke of the importance of strengthening what he called a weakened military, and making the space program relevant again. He said that if you control space and air as a nation, you have control over what’s happening on the ground.

Carson followed up his speech at Alpha Gamma Rho Saturday morning with four book signings throughout Iowa in Ames, Des Moines, Waterloo and Dubuque.

According to a collection of polls from Real Clear Politics, Carson is currently second with 21.4 percent to fellow candidate Donald Trump’s 27.2 percent in national polls. However, two new polls from Iowa this past week showed Carson with a several point lead over Trump.