Free parking on the weekends

Carolina Colon

Bumping some music, ready to have a good night, having some friends in your car and then you find out you have no place to park.

Several thoughts run in your head: “I don’t want to get towed” or “I don’t want to get a ticket.” These being the main reason most students decide to leave their car behind. Figuring out where to park is a situation most students face every time they go out.

Many college students don’t want to waste money on parking.

The good news is that Iowa State does have free parking on the weekends. Campus and Stanton Ave. has some alternatives many of you will enjoy on the upcoming weekends.

1) Stanton Ave. metered parking is free after 6 p.m. until 8 a.m. These are located in front of Es Tas in front of “Yellow Ghetto,” outside of Cyclone apartments and near the St. Thomas Aquinas covered parking.

2) Pay by stall parking on campus: Armory parking division 27, lot 21 west of the Armory, and 100 west of the Lied Center.

3) East Parking Deck and all designated parking meters are all free after 5:30pm on Friday until Monday. 

4) The general staff parking on campus and some reserved staff only on weekends.

5) Osborn drive, starts at the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering and ends at the Agronomy department.

Stanton Avenue would be the best parking spot since its right were all the entertainment is. Bars, eating places, apartment and house parties are near your car. It’s starting to get colder as the days pass by and more so at night, the closer you are to your car the less you have to walk.

Bring your car and enjoy your weekend!