ISU swimming, diving takes on alumni in intersquad meet


Diving coach Jeff Warrick talks to the divers after their competition against UNI. Iowa State won the meet 197-99 on Jan. 23, 2015.

Rachel Given

First meet jitters are not usual in a senior swimmer, but for Mollie McNeel it’s nerve-racking.

“I feel like I have to prove myself, being the transfer and a senior,”  McNeel said.

McNeel is starting out this season in new territory, transferring from Western Kentucky due to her old team being cut.

“I really like the team, the coaches are great, and I thought they had a good work ethic here” McNeel said.

Maggie James, a freshman diver, thinks the intrasquad meet “might be a little rough.”

“I didn’t really get to dive during the summer,” James said.

The intrasquad meet is a little different from normal meets, though. The team is split up into cardinal vs. gold, and the divers only dive three rounds instead of the usual six.

“Now we get to taste a little competition,” said dive coach Jeff Warrick.

The ISU alumni also come back to compete in their own events.

“Even though we are all together in the pool, it will be our team, cardinal vs. gold, and then the alumni will be in a separate event swimming against the Alumni.”

Warrick said the team struggled at the end-of-the-season meets last year, and he wants to help them figure the problems out this year.

“We’re really looking at, ‘why, what’s the reason for why we didn’t compete so well?’”

Although this is the first meet open to the public, it’s more on the fun side than competitive.

The team will compete at 7 p.m. Friday in Beyer Hall.