“Frozen 2” appeals to kids and adults alike


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“Frozen 2” is the sequel to the popular Disney musical franchise.

Margaret Troup

This review contains minor spoilers for “Frozen 2”.

Disney’s “Frozen 2” opened this weekend with great success in the box office, raking in $41.8 million dollars in its opening night.

“Frozen 2” is the sequel to 2013’s “Frozen.” The first film kicked off a very popular series among kids. Ranging from animated shorts, toys, costumes, books, and now a full film sequel, it doesn’t look like the “Frozen” franchise is going anywhere any time soon.

“Frozen 2” begins like its predecessor did, showing the two main characters, Elsa and Anna, voiced by Idina Menzel and Kristen Bell respectively, as children. 

The first song in this movie, “All is Found,” sets the tone for the rest of the movie. While this may be a children’s movie, it proves to be much more serious than the first film.

The seriousness of this film was almost too much at times. There are multiple scenes where well-known characters are seen running into flaming woods, almost drowning and struggling in combat. This movie was sure to earn its PG rating.

One of the biggest pitfalls in animated movies made for children is that many lack story or character progression. Luckily, “Frozen 2” avoids this problem. The characters’ main dilemmas are spelled out relatively quickly, and the story doesn’t waste time dealing with them.

In addition to the more serious story line, the film is also more action-based. Directors Jennifer Lee and Chris Buck clearly wanted to focus more heavily on the story itself rather than the music.

That being said, the music in “Frozen 2” is not bad by any means. “Frozen” contained ten original songs with different singers performing covers. “Frozen 2” has seven new songs as well as covers by Panic! at the Disco, Weezer and AURORA. While there may not be as many new songs in this sequel, one song in particular makes up for it.

“Into the Unknown,” performed by Menzel, is clearly meant to be the new “Let it Go.” It is the main theme that has multiple reprises throughout the movie and is both beautiful and catchy.

If audiences aren’t fans of the music, then the animation style alone is reason enough to see “Frozen 2”. In the six years since “Frozen” was released, Disney’s animation style and budget have clearly expanded. The scene where Elsa sings “Into the Unknown” is almost breathe taking with how beautiful the animations, color schemes and character designs are. 

“Frozen 2” answers some questions that were left by its predecessor. The fate of Elsa and Anna’s parents, why their parents had to leave their kingdom, and why Elsa has powers are all questions that are given satisfying answers.

“I like when Elsa got unfrozen,” said Naomi, a seven-year-old Frozen-fan. “My favorite song was ‘Into the Unknown’.” 

“Frozen 2” provides a family-friendly movie going experience that appeals to both kids and adults alike. The beautiful animation style and music do nothing but add to the experience.

Final Verdict 9/10.