Drink Guide

Leah Gage

Vodka Cranberry

This drink is as easy as it sounds. In a glass over ice, combine vodka with cranberry juice and stir. This drink can be garnished with a lime wedge.

Angry Ball

Don’t be afraid of the name. The Angry Ball is a great option when wanting to try something new. This deceiving drink is just an Angry Orchard Hard Cider, on tap or in a bottle, with a shot of Fireball Whiskey.

Vodka Red Bull

Ask anyone on Welch and they’ve probably ordered a Vodka Red Bull before. This drink is also easy. Combine a shot of vodka with a Red Bull energy drink and enjoy.

Tequila and Coke

There’s nothing wrong with going to the bar and ordering a Coke, but if you want to jazz it up, ask the bartender to add a shot of tequila.


Enough said. When you find one you like, stick to it.

Long Island Ice Tea

A Long Island Ice Tea is a refreshing, but more complicated drink option. Start with a glass of ice. Combine vodka, gin, white rum, tequila and triple sec. Stir and garnish with a lemon wedge.

Tequila Sunrise

Orange juice is a great mixer. To make a Tequila Sunrise, start with orange juice and combine tequila and grenadine syrup. The secret is not to mix this drink.

Sex on the Beach

If tequila isn’t your favorite but you’re looking for a fruity option, Sex on the Beach might be for you. Begin with orange juice and add cranberry juice, peach schnapps and vodka.


Screwdrivers are an easy, delicious option. Start with orange juice and add vodka, it’s that simple!


Margaritas are another delicious citrus option. Just combine tequila, triple sec and lemon or lime juice. Add a lime wedge and salt on the rim and enjoy.

The drinks listed above all contain alcohol and should be consumed only if the person is of legal drinking age. Please drink responsibly.