Get-together snack recipes

Erin Dungan

Looking for a last minute snack recipe? From sweet to salty, we’ve got you covered. These quick, easy snacks are perfect for any get together!

Mexican Dip:

From your fridge: 16 oz. sour cream, ½ cup of shredded Mexican cheese and ½ cup of red salsa.

From your spice cabinet: 1 tsp. dried dill, 2 tsp. dried parsley, ½ tsp. garlic powder, ½ tsp. onion powder and ½ tsp. salt.

Mix together all the ingredients and dip with tortilla chips or Fritos!

Reese’s Popcorn:

You will need: 6 cups of popped popcorn, 1 bag of unwrapped mini Reese’s Cups cut in half, 1 cup of Reese’s Puff cereal, 1 cup of Reese’s Pieces, ½ cup of white chocolate chips, 2 teaspoons of shortening (divided), ¼ cup peanut butter chips and ¼ cup of chocolate chips.

1. Mix popcorn, Reese’s cups and cereal in a large pan lined with waxed paper.

2. In a microwave safe bowl, combine white chocolate chips and 1 teaspoon shortening. Heat for 30 seconds and stir. Repeat until melted. Drizzle the popcorn mixture with melted white chocolate and toss until everything is coated. Sprinkle with the Reese’s Pieces.

3. Place the pan in the refrigerator and let set for about 5 minutes. Remove from the refrigerator and break into chunks.

4. In another microwave safe bowl, combine the peanut butter chips and 1/2 teaspoon shortening. Heat until melted. Do the same for the chocolate chips. Drizzle the popcorn chunks with the melted peanut butter and chocolate chips. Let it set again. Store in an air tight container and enjoy!

Greek Salad Skewers:


¼ cucumber, cut into ½ inch thick diagonal slices

4 ounces feta cheese, cut into 16 cubes

8 pitted Kalamata olives, cut in half

8 grape tomatoes, halved

2 T extra virgin olive oil

Ground pepper



Cut each cucumber slices into quarters. Thread each toothpick with a tomato, Kalamata olive, feta and cucumber slice. Place the skewers on a serving plate and drizzle the assembled skewers with olive oil. Sprinkle the skewers with ground pepper and serve.

Cheesy Chex Mix:

Toss 3 cups of Chex Cereal, 2 cups of mini pretzels and 1 cup of cheese crackers with ¾ cup of grated parmesan, ½ stick melted butter and a pinch of garlic. Spread onto a baking sheet and bake 15 minutes at 325 degrees, stirring occasionally.

Fruit Skewers with Dip

Mix 1 cup of low-fat sour cream and 2 tablespoons each of brown sugar and lime juice. Sprinkle the mix with cinnamon sugar. Next, thread fruit onto skewers—pineapple and berries are recommended. Enjoy!

Caramel Popcorn

Melt 1/3 cup butter with 1 tablespoon honey and a pinch of salt. Toss with 12 cups popcorn and 1 cup pecans. Spread on a parchment-lined baking sheet and bake 15 minutes at 325 degrees F, tossing. Let cool.

Apple Quesadillas

Melt some butter in a skillet, then lay a flour tortilla in the pan and top with grated cheddar and thinly sliced apple on one side. Fold the tortilla in half and cook until golden on both sides. Cut into wedges.


Combine 1/2 cup salsa, 2 smashed avocados, 2 tablespoons each lime juice and chopped cilantro. Salt to taste. Serve with tortilla chips.

Artichoke-Pesto Bites

Mix 1/2 cup each ricotta, chopped artichoke hearts and pesto with 1/4 cup grated parmesan, add salt and pepper. Spread on focaccia and top with mozzarella. Bake 10 minutes at 375 degrees F.