Editorial: Enjoy fall break your way


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The ISD Editorial Board urges students to use fall break any way they please, even if they don’t celebrate Thanksgiving or get to see their families.

Editorial Board

While going home for fall break and the holidays may be exciting for some, it causes a sense of stress, tension or anxiety for others.

On the other hand, while some are able to go home for fall break, there are those who don’t have family to visit over the break. Others live abroad or too far away to be able to make the trip and may not be able to see all their family during the week of break.

If you are able to see your family, know that it’s OK if going home isn’t the picture perfect experience you see in your head. Family is family, and especially during stressful times around the holiday season.

For a lot of students, going home for the holidays, or any long break for that matter, means dreading conversations our families insist on having. In fact, there are times when we wish they wouldn’t ask certain questions at all.

Things like: When are you graduating? What’s your major? Where’s the boyfriend/girlfriend — any yet? What are you going to be doing after college? What do you think about x, y and z politicians? The list is endless on things that all students who go back home for break may dread being asked during their time back home.

While these questions may seem overwhelming and definitely get annoying, do try and remember your family just is excited to see you and missed you while you were away.

Although there are many students going back home for break to celebrate Thanksgiving for fall break with their families, there are also many students who come from a different background and will not be participating in the Thanksgiving festivities — and that’s OK.

Whatever you decide to do over your fall break, make it count. You should enjoy your time away from classes to rest and give some time to your neglected hobbies, and perhaps  — even if you aren’t celebrating Thanksgiving specifically — spend time with family and friends whom you haven’t seen for a while.

Remember that while you may be excited to come home, others may not be able to visit their families or have a great connection with their relatives. Respect others’ experiences and don’t assume that everyone has the same experience as you.