City Council talks CyRide


Blake Lanser/Iowa State Daily

Students pay a semester fee to be able to use the CyRide for free. The city of Ames, Government of the Student Body and students help fund this service.

Christie Smith

Crowded CyRide buses and the need for additional CyRide routes will be discussed at a special meeting of the Ames City Council and Ames Transit Board Oct. 20.

The workshop will be at Ames City Hall at 6 p.m. Council and board members will talk about the transportation budget and current demands on CyRide.

“One thing that students might not realize is how complex the balance between funding, student enrollment, and bus service is,” said Councilwoman Gloria Betcher.

Betcher said that federal transportation funds have been reduced at precisely the time that a record number of ISU students rely on CyRide.

The influx of students on campus has created a series of other issues for CyRide as well.

“Increasing enrollment has also stimulated the development of new apartment complexes throughout Ames, further challenging CyRide’s ability to provide adequate service over wider and more densely populated areas,” said Sam Schulte, an ISU student and ex-officio representative for the city council. 

City Council will also be meeting with Student Government Wednesday night to continue the discussion about funding for CyRide.

“CyRide has been a model for transportation excellence for decades, and we all want to see the service continue to meet the needs of the Ames/ISU community,” Betcher said.

Students interested in the future of CyRide can attend the workshop at City Hall Oct. 20 or watch a live-stream on Ames Cable Channel 12. A recording of the meeting will also be available online at