ISU Octubaween Festival to premiere this Thursday


The ISU Tuba Euphonium Ensemble will host a distinct tuba and euphonium concert called “Octubaween” at 7:30 p.m. Thursday in the Martha Ellen-Tye Recital Hall.

Sha Meng

The ISU Tuba Euphonium Ensemble will host a distinct tuba-euphonium concert called “Octubaween” at 7:30 p.m. Thursday at Martha-Ellen Tye Recital Hall.

All attendees are encouraged to wear costumes to receive free admission into the show, which is the first event of its kind.

Forty years ago, Indiana University tuba professor Harvey Phillips began “Octubafest” and has provided a unique way for college students around the world to celebrate instrument playing in a totally different way.

This Thursday’s performance is the first year Iowa State has celebrated Octubaween. The fest’s name, “Octubaween,” gives it a more playful charm.

Christian Carichner, ISU assistant director of bands and instructor of tuba and euphonium, started playing the tuba 20 years ago in high school and has a plethora of international performing experience.

Carichner said he wants to give the audience a better understanding of the instruments, especially tuba, in a light-hearted atmosphere.

“Tuba is not an instrument that ever goes to play the melody, so this is the first time we’ll use tuba and euphonium to play melody the whole time,” Caricher said. “It’s kind of hearing the tuba do things that you never thought it could do.”

In order to give the audience a better experience with Octubaween, Carichner and his skillful ensemble group started preparing for the festival in August.

I’m looking forward to a really fun concert that I think it could introduce to people what tuba and euphonium could actually do, said Alec Garringer, junior in music education and tuba player.

Octubaween could be a new and spontaneous way to celebrate Halloween this year.

“We want to show off our studios and achievements,” said Peter Bekkerus, freshman in music education and euphonium player. “We also hope the audience enjoy[s] it.”

Now a worldwide festival, this is the first time ISU students are able to get involved with Octubaween.

“I hope we could have it once a year, usually surrounding Halloween, but for now I’m happy to have just one concert,” Carichner said when talking about the future plans for Iowa State’s unique Octubaween fest. 

For more information about Octubaween, visit the ISU music department’s website for the show and Octubaween’s Facebook event page