What to wear on a first date

Molly Hawks

You have had your heart set on getting to know that guy or girl from your yoga class and now you have gotten their attention. After all this time, you both are interested in each other and it is time to prepare for the first date!

First dates can be nerve racking. You want to make a good first impression and show them your true style, but not be too over the top or look like you just rolled out of bed. Here are some ideas to spark your inspiration for that special first date ensemble and tips on how to pick the perfect one.

The first thing to consider is where you are going—a tux would be way awkward to wear to get coffee. Certain dates like mini golfing might call for sportier clothing—especially if you really get into the game!

Secondly, dress comfortably. To the ambitious who take on heels, just remember the last thing you want is to get swept away on a romantic stroll and spend the entire time thinking about how much your heels are killing your feet.

Third, nothing too trendy. As cute as your romper or harem pants are, most people just don’t get those types of fashions. Those things can end up looking like pajamas to the untrained fashion eye. Simple and stylish is the way to go.


A nice pair of dark denim or simple khakis are a good option. A well fitted pair of pants can take you far. Too loose or too tight and they sag or pinch in areas that don’t need to be seen.

For the top, try a button up shirt with the sleeves rolled three quarters of the way up. You will look dressed up but still casual for the normal first dinner date.

Try a nice watch to add some class to your look. When looking for shoes, go for a loafer or something other than tennis shoes. You want to look date-ready, not gym-ready.

Lastly, groom your facial hair. Whether you want to be clean shaven or go for the scruffy look, you will look like you put in twice the effort you really had to if you tidy up your face.


To stay on the dressy/casual theme, try a pair of skinny jeans or a simple skirt. If you opt for a skirt, pick one that is long enough you won’t have to spend the night adjusting it. No matter how fantastic you look, having to tug on your skirt all night will ruin it.

Pick a top that fits your personality—like a cute tank top, graphic tee, or blouse. Then pick a light jacket or cardigan to go over. Layering adds some great style to your outfit—plus you are prepared for any temperature!

Throwing on a necklace will add a layer of detail. As far as shoes go, comfort is key! Wear cute flats, canvas slip ons or boots. Make sure if you don’t opt for boots to roll the bottom of your jeans once or twice. Skinny jeans look the cutest rolled up a little!

Go out and rock your first date and don’t forget that a smile is your best accessory!